DNA Sequencing Services

Unparalleled capacity to interrogate hundreds of samples

Next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) is a revolutionary tool that allows o determination of taxonomic composition of complex genomic and/or metagenomic samples, the discovery of previously unknown organisms, and the classification of known variants. NGS reduces the bias generated by microbe in vitro culture, PCR-dependent amplification techniques and bacterial 16S ribotyping. Orion Integrated Biosciences offers a complete range of next generation sequencing platforms to allow our clients to interrogate the molecular profile of genomes or microbiomes and to capture microbial DNA from very complex clinical, biological and environmental samples. This sequencing pipeline provides detailed understanding dynamics of microbial communities and the functional capacity of genomes and transcriptomes under specific biological or complex interactions.  Thanks to our unique sample preparation we provide an unparalleled capacity to interrogate simultaneously hundreds of samples and discriminate known and unknown microbes many which are non-culturable microbes.