Molecular Taxonomic Profiling

RIGEL is an advanced computational analysis system to analyze genomic and metagenomic data at unparalleled speed and sensitivity. This technology can quickly determine intra- and interspecies relationships of more than 380,000 known organisms and can identify previously unknown taxonomies. This genomic profiling approach can:
1) Determine the microbial taxonomic composition of complex biological samples exposed to different environmental conditions
2) Characterize thequasispecies distribution of specific disease states and co-infection profiles
3) Narrow the analysis to a specific taxonomy and detect regions that are determinants of advantageous adaptation or associated with natural and alternate hosts
4) Calculate mutational landscapes for determinants of virulence, transmissibility, geographical origin and virulence
RIGEL can quickly estimate the risk factor and outbreak potential of each detected pathogen. With our technology we can rewind to an unknown ancestor or fast-forward to all possible unknown variants that might arise from a known pathogen genome.