Drug Discovery System

Targeted antimicrobial development

Orion Integrated Biosciences Inc. is developing technologies to bring to the market promising new small-molecules and therapeutic antibodies that inhibit the activity of proteins involved in pathogen entry, replication, assembly and maturation. Our company uses high performance computing and cutting edge three-dimensional modeling tools, molecular dynamics and quantum mechanics simulations to study protein structural conformations and to select more rational compounds for synthesis for in vitro and in vivo testing. Compared to classical discovery efforts, our unique antimicrobial development approach offers several advantages:

1) Pathogen-specific motif fingerprints provide a viable and highly cost-effective target prioritization strategy, circumventing the need for random screening, and excessive reagent acquisition.

2) The uniqueness of each motif fingerprint makes them ideal for the selection of candidate chemical with none or reduced toxic side effects in the host.

3) Our ability to map motif fingerprints to specific protein structural features allow us to design and optimize the development of robust broad spectrum antimicrobials capable of maintaining their biological activity to mutations and natural variants and thus considerably prolonging the useful lifetime of the therapeutic product.