Microbial Motif Fingerprinting

Fast and accurate microbial characterization

Algorithms developed by our corporation allow the identification and mapping of sets of proprietary genome segments with two main functional characteristics: 1) Amino acid motif fingerprints and their corresponding genomic signatures are specific to a pathogen family, genus, specie or strain. 2) Specific sets of amino acid motif fingerprints and their corresponding DNA genomic signatures form patterns associated with adaptation, host range, antimicrobial resistance and lethality. Generally, these motif fingerprints (MF) do not overlap, but they may be contiguous in 3-dimensional protein space.

These motif fingerprints and genomic signatures are used for fast and accurate genomic-based microbial characterization and global surveillance using genomic and metagenomics information. Motif fingerprints are used to assess and upgrade existing “pathogen signatures” used in different detection technologies. Integrative data exchange platforms, analysis and visualization algorithms can prioritize sets of motif fingerprints into knowledge and effective detection technologies, broad spectrum therapeutics and rational vaccines. Motif fingerprinting is redefining the way researchers analyze genomic and metagenomic information.