The Founder

Willy A. Valdivia

Is the founder and CEO of Orion Integrated Biosciences, Inc., where he heads a team of experts in genomics, computational biology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Since 2003, his efforts have focused on the implementation of algorithms for the development of medical countermeasures against known and unknown biothreats.

Supported by DHS-S&T-OUP, DHS-CBP, DoD, DTRA, USDA, NIH and the EU, Mr. Valdivia has a broad view of innovation and technology development for biodefense. In 2014 Mr. was named one of the four most successful Latin-American bio-entrepreneurs by the Spanish Bioindustry Association (ASEBIO). Currently, he leads or participates in sectors to support national security including a close collaboration the DHS Centers of Excellence.

Willy Valdivia is the author of publications on data mining, genomics of infectious diseases, and bioterrorism and book chapters on national security and policy. He serves as subject matter expert for the US government and the European Commission and has active research projects in the US, Europe and Africa, and Latin-America.