RIGEL Biodefense Analytical Enterprise

RIGEL analytical system offers a unique approach capable of integrating disparate data sources into a biodefense enterprise to support known and unknown biothreat detection, characterization and to generate assessments to counter denial and deception.

Global economic development relies on travel, trade, and the exchange of services. Annually, the number of containers, vessels, passenger luggage and mail shipments that need to be inspected increases at a rate of 3 percent. However, the number of assigned port-of-entry inspectors to prevent the accidental or intentional introductions of pest and diseases remains relatively unchanged. RIGEL is a powerful analytical targeting system that collects, analyzes, and integrates multiple types of information from numerous sources to identify commodities of risk. RIGEL is powered by billions of records associated with travel and trade that are corrected, disambiguated, consolidated, and integrated with near real time aerial, land, and marine transportation patterns.

Artificial intelligence algorithms perform permutations and build scenarios for situational awareness based on official and news reports of more than 1500 diseases. Intuitive visualization tools to support decision-making and strategic planning providing timely, accurate, and strategic information about current and emerging biothreats. This integrated multiple-source system not only supports biosecurity interests and enhances static and dynamic targeting, but also can guide rapid and robust countermeasure development.

RIGEL provides evidence-based decisions for the implementation of specific mitigation strategies against bio threats affecting humans, animals and/or plants. Simultaneously, since the system integrates global data, it allows the exchange of information and cooperation with partner states to have a worldwide overview of the status of possible biothreats. The implementation of RIGEL follows standards for interoperability, integration, and scalability.